The company Texil Paoli was born in the mid-seventies and is positioned in the apparel industry, specializing in sorting and recycling of production waste. In a few years the company acquired considerable experience in the industry and began a close collaboration with prestigious companies in the apparel industry that is still ongoing. Subsequently, the company is oriented on the purchase and sale of stocks of fabric and accessories production. This new business is a booming thanks to the quality of the proposal and the high frequency of rotation of merchandise that allows you to always have a trendy product. In the last decade finally abandoned the recycling of raw materials and there is also dedicated to the marketing of finished garments in the apparel industry. Currently, the company collaborates with Italian suppliers and markets its products throughout the world.

Our company deals with market inventories of production of the apparel industry in particular:

  • Inventories of production: stock fabrics such as wool, silk, chanel, lace, cotton, jersey, jersey, polyester fabrics, accessories stock (such as buttons zippers lace trimmings). 

  • Inventories finished product: apparel stock the latest collections of important Italian brands.

how we work:

  • with regard to the inventory of the sale and production quantities are determined according to the needs of the customer and according to your needs. 

  • with regard to inventories of finished products are created by lots assorted sizes and models that reflect the inventory of the collection proposal, clearly in this case the quantities are discussed with the end customer according to the needs and different sales channels.